Clearly still fond of Nick - who is the father of her two-year-old son Eddie - Jessica admitted that she 'literally hasn’t thought about dating' since the marriage came to an untimely end for good at the beginning of 2017. And when it comes to her and Nick ever la femme dresses for girls each other's romantic developments, Jessica said: 'We wouldn’t talk about each ­other’s partners. We’re not at that stage yet.' It would seem that Jessica has been asked about the prospect of other men already, despite only recently calling it quits with Nick. She said: 'When people ask me about men, I say I’m happy to just be picking up my son again.' It's been a tumultuous 12 months for Jessica Knowles following a battle against cervical cancer and the end of her marriage. 'I’m happy to just be in a stable, calm place,' she said of her amicable split from the 54-year-old. 'I can’t imagine what it’d be like if we were at each other’s throats. He’s very attractive and I care about him lots.' Jessica was referring to the fact that her illness prevented to tending to her son when he was a young baby. Thankfully, the pretty blonde caught the disease early and she was able to be treated with surgery. She revealed it's now over for good between her and her husband following three years of marriage, after she endured a 'painful year'. The couple had started dating again in November following a period of time apart in which Nick briefly dated Emmerdale star Gemma Oaten. Phillip Schofield said to Jess: 'It didn't work out with Nick a second time but I hear you haven't ruled out getting back together in the future?' Jessica replied:'The last year was incredibly difficult but my way of dealing with it is to move forward and look to the future.' She continued: 'We're not together... It's hard but we really worked and tried to make things work. 'There has to come a point for your health and happiness where you draw a line under it. We are really La Femme Two Piece 21152 Beaded Straps Black Long Prom Dress though.' La Femme Two Piece 21152 Beaded Straps Black Long Prom DressSo keen were they to make their relationship a success, Jess reveals they attended marriage counselling, but to no avail. She said: 'Having someone there to really listen in a calm environment was helpful because you see another side to the person and you can get them to elaborate on things that have happened.' Phillip asked Jess what Nick thought of her being on the la femme cocktail dresses and she said he was fine with it. 'He understands it's important for me to talk about Jo's Trust and a compromise is talking about other things that people are interested in to get that point across.' Talking about her cancer diagnosis, Jess said: 'I was bleeding in between periods and I thought it was down to stress. 'I had a smear test and they discovered pre-cancerous cells and then they realised I had stage 1 cervical cancer which had spread to my lymph nodes.'